Quarter Life Crisis?

So I have finally made a blog…again. If you have read the “About Me” section, you may know that I have a very bad track record with blogs. But, that is in the past, and as mentioned there, third time’s the charm. Today is a “wondering” post.

Everyone has heard of the “mid-life crisis.” It is often portrayed in movies, television, and books – someone who suddenly realizes how much time left they have on Earth or what their life has turned into and it was not what they expected/planned it to be. They, in turn, do something drastic like buy a brand new sports car, have an affair, get a divorce and date someone half their age, etc. Apparently, a new “crisis” is on the rise – the “quarter-life crisis.”

According to “Elite Daily,” three million people had a quarter-life crisis last year. Three million. How on Earth can someone in my generation have a quarter-life crisis? We have barely become adults – how have our lives not turned into what we expected when we have barely started living?!

Last December, nine days before my 25th birthday, something happened that changed my life forever. It has been the toughest moment in my and my family’s lives and has totally changed my perspective on life, the world, and my future. It made me realize the truth in such “crises.” While I did not go out and buy a red Porsche, nor date someone double my age, I did, however, move abroad.

To be fair, I was already living abroad. I had a job and all my personal things in Hong Kong waiting for me. But, I didn’t have to come back. I think coming back to Hong Kong was the BEST thing for me at the time, and had I moved back home, that would have been the breaking point of my “quarter-life crisis.” I am not running away from what has happened, it will always be there, and I will never forget; but I do need to continue onward, as hard as that may be.

We all have our battles and demons that we face, either daily or at some point in our life; whether it be in our 50’s or our 20’s; whether it be about jobs, marriage, family, death, or school. We will all have to faces these crises at some point, it is just how we will deal with them that matters.

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