Tuesday’s Top Ten: Robin Williams

It’s a coincidence, not ironic, that the day after my quarter-life crisis post that someone, Robin Williams, who most of us have all grown up with succumbed to his own crisis, depression. For as long as I can remember, I grew up watching many of his movies, from Aladdin to Hook, from Patch Adams to Good Will Hunting. It came as a shock this morning, when I was first told the news (being 14 hours ahead can sometimes put me out of the loop). How can one of the leading men of comedy be depressed?? We all know he has had troubles in the past, but for many, it is easy to put on that smile for the day; clown around the office and make jokes; go out, have a few drinks, and dance. But, when they get home, it is an entirely different story. According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people suffer from some form of depression*. Those who have it can hide it very well, just like Robin Williams.

Like I stated before, I grew up watching many of Mr. Williams’ movies. Some of them are my favorites to this day. On today’s “Tuesday’s Top Ten” I am list my top ten Robin William movies that I have seen (stress on the seen!). I know there are plenty of other movies (Insomnia, The Fisherking) that I haven’t seen, but hopefully one day I will, and I will maybe adjust my list. I am no movie buff, nor claim to be.

10Flubber/Popeye/Batty Koda’s voice from Ferngully
Yes a three way tie. 
Ok, so Flubber might not have been Disney’s nor William’s greatest hit, but nevertheless this is what I grew up with. It has to be on there…right? It is also tied with his role in Ferngully. I. HATE. THIS. MOVIE. Talk about nightmares…I tortured myself and watched it endlessly. His role as Batty Koda got me through it…until the oil slick wasn’t a baby anymore. Then I turned off the T.V.Finally we have “Oh, Popeye!” I ate spinach because of this movie and Popeye. I spit it out right after, but I tried it!

9. Night at the Museum 1 (&2)
Another choice that shows my age. I can’t help it that I found this movie (these movies) entertaining. He made a pretty good Teddy Roosevelt, although the Sacagawea plot-line may have been a bit odd.

8. The Bird Cage
This is definitely a classic! It will probably be lower on most peoples list. I haven’t seen this movie in years and the details are a bit fuzzy, but Williams and Nathan Lane are just pure magic. Plus, who can forget this scene:

7. Good Morning, Vietnam
“GOOOOD MORNIIIIIIING, VIETNAM!” I was saying this before I actually knew what it was or what it was from.

6. Mrs. Doubtfire
Yes, I am going to get in a lot of trouble for putting this as six. Yes, it is one of his most famous roles ever. Yes, it is on T.V. more than any of the others. But, I wasn’t as enthralled with this one as I was the others. I still like. I still enjoy it. I will still watch it.

5. Jumanji
“WHAT YEAR IS IT?” If you were like myself and every other kid on your block, you owned the “Jumanji” board game. Oh how we would play, and play, and play waiting for an elephant to run down the street, a lion to appear in our bedrooms, and crazy monkeys to start shooting guns and take over our kitchen.

4. Good Will Hunting
While Williams was nominated for several Academy Awards, this was the only role he won it for. A fantastic movie, that all should see.

3. Dead Poet’s Society
“Oh captain, my captain.” Another fantastic movie that all should see. The scene near the end? *chills* I can’t do justice to this film.

Williams as Peter, Dustin Hoffman as Hook,Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell? That has a childhood classic written all over it! I will never forget the first time I watched this movie in my friend’s basement. After that, I would search high and low on TV or in the TV Guide magazine for when it would be on, always catching it at the tail end of the movie. 🙁

1. Aladdin
Say what you will, but this is my all time favorite Disney movie. Jasmine is my favorite princess, (she has a pet tiger!). Aladdin my favorite prince (when he becomes one). And then there is the genie who provides the best comic relief ever and best songs! I love everything about this movie!

Evan Rachel Wood could not have said it any better…aladdin tweet


What are your ten favorite Robin William’s movies? Do you agree with me? Comment below!

Depression is a very serious illness. For more on depression visit the WHO link above or here for support and resources.

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