Thought Thursdays: Teaching is a Real Job

A lot of my friends and people I know don’t think I actually have a job here in Hong Kong. They think that I am just faffing about (hehe, another British word I like) traveling the world. Yes, I am traveling when I get the chance, but I also am working extremely hard.


Teaching is 100% a job, there is no doubt about it. “Haters gonna hate” but this is one of the toughest jobs and not everyone can do it. A lot of people pass judgement on professions, especially teaching. How can I judge another profession, such as lawyers and doctors, when I know nothing really about what their daily tasks? Unfortunately, teachers are constantly scrutinized and always given the short end of the stick.

I work for Monkey Tree English Learning Center. While it is not an actual school it is still very much teaching. Being a teacher you need to know how to handle a myriad of situations – wee-wees and poo-poos, screaming kids, mischievous kids, whiney kids, handsy kids, messy kids, stubborn kids, talkative kids, quiet kids, problems-at-home kids etc. Because they are so young, their moods are always changing. You have to be adaptable and be on your toes. You need to truly invest in your students – learn their likes, dislikes, personalities – because how you handle a situation is different with every child.

Brayden summer

Some professions never have to deal with forever changing attitudes/personalities, and some don’t even deal with people at all. Some people can’t handle things going a different way than they planned. Some people don’t like surprises. That is okay – teaching isn’t for everyone, just like taking care of sick people isn’t for everyone, or defending criminals.

Teachers do, however, deserve respect. We work hard. They do so much more than “just watch x-amount of kids for an hour.”  We nurture and care and love and help your children grow in a time where most don’t even have the time for their children. We are there for them. We inspire them. We more often than not shape how they will grow up, as is the case for most of my teachers growing up. So next time you want to pass judgement on a teacher or another profession, truly think about why you are doing so and if you really should. Do you want to be judged on your profession? We are people too.

This is definitely one of the most rewarding positions I have ever had and have learned so much from this experience. You can’t take that away from me. Usually my posts are a bit lighthearted, so here is a cute video to end my blog.

P.S. Ignore my teacher voice.

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  1. Erin, your mother would be proud of you! You’re right, contrary to popular belief, not every one can teach and unless you are a teacher you have no idea of all that this profession entails. Keep up the good work, I’m sure you are a great teacher!

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