Friday Firsts: Ozone Bar Hong Kong

During my brief hiatus from blogging these past two weeks, my best friends from home came to visit me here in Hong Kong! It was so much fun being able to show them a bit of my life here, halfway across the world, and it was also fun to be a tourist again! (Despite the ridiculous Chinese New Year lines.)


Whilst my friends were here, we had the opportunity to visit Ozone Restaurant and Barwhich is the highest bar in the world and located at the top of Hong Kong’s International Commerce Centre, or the ICC as it is commonly referred to. And, despite being here 2.5 years, I had yet to visit the famous bar for some reason or another (broke ESL teacher status)! As it is a part of the Ritz-Carlton, you can expect it to be a bit on the pricier side, backpackers beware, but like my tip for Singapore, it can be well worth it.


Salmon sashimi and California Rolls – delicious!

While I wouldn’t exactly call it a restaurant, it does serve Asian tapas, dessert, seafood, and sushi/sashimi. Again, it may break the bank for the smaller portion sizes -tapas dishes average around 90HKD (almost 12USD), 75HKD (10USD) for two pieces of sushi, however it was delicious and filled three starving girls, despite the size.


Dragontini – a special cocktail of Ozone!

The food isn’t the reason to go, but the drinks and the view sure are!  Drinks can set you back 100-200HKD ($10-$25USD) but they are delicious and actually a better deal than doing the Sky100 tour. Even though the Sky100 ticket gives you a 360° view of Hong Kong, it is really the HK Harbour you want to see and a ticket will cost $168HKD ($151HKD if bought online). You can get a glass of wine (who wouldn’t want a drink to calm your nerves of being so high?!) or a small tapas dish for less and the ambiance is great. Plus, Ozone is open till 12am or later every night, whereas the Sky100 closes at 9pm.

20150225_214413 20150225_214429

Of course, I decided to take my friends to Ozone on the foggiest day of the year, you couldn’t even see a foot outside of the glass window – aiya! as the locals say. Despite this, the atmosphere and drinks were worth it. We still managed to have a great time and I will certainly go back, on a much clearer day.

So, if you are looking for an amazing view of Hong Kong island, with not too steep of a price, Ozone is definitely something to check out!

*Please excuse the photos – they were shot from a phone and in dim lighting. 🙂

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