Sunday Snapshots: The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

SUnday Snapshots Brooklyn Bridge

In this new segment entitled Sunday Snapshots, I will be showcasing some of my favorite photos from my travels! I am sticking with the U.S.A them from last time and taking you to another coast – this time NEW YORK!

Despite having been to over 30 countries, I never made it to New York City until 2015 (insert gasps! and #ChicagoPride?). How can that be?! Well, I guess that adage about how “you never visit what is in your own backyard” is pretty true. It is actually quite abysmal how few states I have visited. Anywho, during my first trip in December 2015, I didn’t make it to the Brooklyn Bridge, so when I went in December 2016 with Joseph we couldn’t NOT go.

When you think of San Francisco, you think of the Golden Gate Bridge. And, when you think of New York you think of Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and obviously the Brooklyn Bridge. Right?? I can’t be alone in this. AND I LOVED IT!

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension/cable-stayed bridges in the US and connects the Burroughs of Manhattan and, you guessed it the Bronx, Brooklyn! It was completed in 1883 (WOW!) and is officially a National Historic Landmark. You can walk on the bridge and see impressive views of the city if coming from Brooklyn. What is not to love?!

Sunday Snapshots Brooklyn Bridge

I love it so much, here it is in black and white, too!

Snapshot Sundays Brooklyn Bridge

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