Sunday Snapshots: Lake Hawea Lookout, New Zealand

Lake Hawea Lookout

Long time no see…lots of exciting but busy times and as a result, I have let this kind of slide. Shocker, I know. But keeping up with my new segment #SundaySnapshots – here is one from across the world! I have been doing some spots around the US, but now I am taking you to New Zealand!

New Zealand has been at the top of my travel bucket list for years. I am a huge ginormous Lord of the Rings nerd and wanted to visit some of the filming locations, as well tour stunning New Zealand in general. Joseph and I decided to visit in February which is the end of NZ’s summer and a fantastic time. We were there for two weeks and spent a week on both the north and south islands and hands down New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. I was completely blow away!

We decided to rent a car when we got to the south island and this was possibly the best decision we made – sorry Joseph! He of course had to do all the driving like in Ireland. But, driving is a fantastic way to see New Zealand, especially the South Island! We started in Nelson, headed to Kaikoura, then to Franz Josef before heading to Queenstown! The picture below is from on our way to Queenstown – Lake Hawea lookout.

Lake Hawea

Welcome to Lake Hawea– a beautiful lake with an impressive backdrop! This is why I just had to choose it for today’s Sunday Snapshot! On the road to Queenstown, there are many beautiful lookouts and viewing points. You can see everything from lakes to mountains to waterfalls and wherever you loook, you will not be disappointed. Pretty sure I took 1000 photos just of this car ride alone. SO WORTH IT.


  1. Ahh New Zealand looks so incredible. Looking forward to seeing more Sunday Snapshots 🙂

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