Wander Wednesday/Friday Firsts: Hong Kong Junks

So I know I mentioned I will be in Korea soon, but I am also going on a sudden work trip to China and I think this may be blocked there. Therefore, I am writing my post which I was going to write for Friday today.

Hong Kong Junks. No, I don’t mean the Hong Kong junkyards or kitschy things you can find in the markets. Hong Kong is all about the junk boats.

If you have ever Googled the skyline of Hong Kong more than likely you have seen a picture/painting of one of these dragging cruising through the water. I currently have a painting hanging up in my living room of said city scene. A junk is  an ancient Chinese sailing vessel (thank Wiki) or basically a ship created in China a long time ago. They are still used by fishermen today, but more often than not they are used to carry drunk tourists, locals, and party-people. Obviously, I went for the fish.

Now, as I have mentioned before, I have been here over two years and sadly there are a lot of things I haven’t seen or done in Hong Kong. *GASP!* (may I remind you of this I’m a workaholic). I know, it is sad, but I will eventually get to them! So despite being asked to go to other junk boats (I was out of town or out of money time and had to spend it wisely) I never had been on one, until this Sunday.


WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG TO GO ON ONE?! Seriously, I had one of the best days I have ever had in Hong Kong. A lot of junks are crazy – as in I can’t believe this isn’t a liability crazy. Basically, you can rent a junk boat with up to 30-40 people, some will have free flowing drinks *ahem* and food. Then, they take you to some of the most beautiful parts of Hong Kong – as in the sea water that isn’t toxic – and you swim, dance, drink, float around all day long. (They took us out to Sai Kung – another place I still hadn’t been!)

Ours was a very chill boat (don’t worry Dad, I started drinking at a responsible noon-o’clock). It was a bunch of friends whom I work with. Of course I was worried that we would sit and rant talk joyfully about work all day, but to be honest, work wasn’t even mentioned! Except, to talk about the cute kiddies or how I we trick the kids into believing we are real princesses. The weather was absolutely amazing (a typhoon hit a day later!). I didn’t turn into a tomato. We had a science lesson in learning what types of bottles of alcohol do and don’t float in the water. Got stung by itty bitty jellyfish, but they were too invisible cute to care. It was simply a fantastic day. It really made me sit back and be so thankful for my friends and experiences here. It hasn’t been an easy road, especially this past year, but friends who help you forget the pain and make you laugh, even if it is just for one day, are the best. Thanks to everyone who made it such an awesome day! Love you all!

all of us junk

Seriously – if you travel to or live in Hong Kong you need to go on a junk boat!

P.S. Thanks to my amazing friends who took these pictures because I forgot to to some!

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