Sunday Snapshots: The Colorful House, San Francisco

Sunday Snapshots The Colorful House of San Francisco

In this new segment entitled Sunday Snapshots, I will be showcasing some of my favorite photos from my travels! I am sticking with the U.S.A theme AGAIN from the last two times and taking you to yet another coast – this time San Francisco!

Similar to New York, I had never been to California until recently (June 2017). I had never even been to the West Coast until 2016 when I visited the Pacific Northwest with my sister – shocking I know! My fun fact to everyone was the fact the farthest west I had ever been was Minneapolis/St. Louis which is right across the Mississippi River. Growing up in the Midwest we didn’t really go east/west – just north and south!

Everyone talks about San Francisco and ‘how amazing it is.’ My coworker from California literally won’t shut up about it (hey, Tyler!). So I went into it like I did New York and that it wouldn’t live up to the hype. Well dammit, it did. I ended up REALLY liking San Francisco. It has a really cool vibe with some pretty stunning views!

San Francisco is the land of the Golden Gate bridge, tech, and hills. It is such a diverse city, from cultures like the best Chinatown in the US to the architecture. San Francisco has some stunning homes, some like I have never seen before! When you see pictures, you often think of the iconic Victorian row homes – and you will NOT be disappointed when visiting SF.

When visiting the Full House house (I am a 90’s kid!) I almost screeched when I saw this  colorful house around the corner. Actually, I did scream…and scared Joseph in the process – sorry! This house with its colors was just BEAUTIFUL. And, oh so perfect for a place like San Francisco. I don’t think this would fly in Chicago. How can you NOT like this?!

Sunday Snapshot Colorful House San Francisco

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